Petition for In-game Chinese Support in Pokémon Video Games

August 2014

Dear Mr. Tsunekazu Ishihara, Mr. Junichi Masuda, and staff from Nintendo, Creatures Inc., Game Freak and The Pokémon Company,


Thank you all for introducing us to the wondrous world of Pokémon, and creating infinite encounters and smiles around our world. Today in Washington, D.C., I have another miraculous encounter at the 2014 Pokémon World Championships, which I believe will make my dream come true.

On the other side of this planet, countless enthusiastic Pokémon fans from the Greater China region are watching this tournament online via Twitch. While most of us cannot come here, we share one long-cherished dream that we want you to know -- adding in-game Chinese support in Pokémon video games.

Pokémon is a highly recognized franchise in the Greater China region. The anime and manga gained remarkable popularity here since late 1990s, fostering a fanbase even larger than Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda series. While Pokémon video games haven’t officially been released at mainland China, hundreds of thousands fans still spare no effort to buy Nintendo consoles and Pokémon games overseas. We follow the development of this franchise moment by moment, and we share the same excitement whenever major Pokémon news breaks out. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, all the Pokémon official events are popular among the fans. Just in the past few days, fans in Taiwan had been rushing to purchase the pre-sale tickets of Pokémon Movie 17 to get their Darkrai and Diancie. However, we all believe that what the franchise has achieved in the Greater China region is far away from its potential capacity. We continuously introduce Pokémon games to our companions to have more fun battling, trading and collecting together, but there is an obvious barrier to bring more players in -- there is no in-game Chinese support. Many potential consumers of Pokémon games in the Greater China region cannot read foreign languages. Even for the senior fans like us, playing Pokémon games in our native language and having deeper understanding to the beautiful Pokémon universe is our biggest dream all the time. As time goes by, we desire to introduce Pokémon games to more Youngsters, and Baton Pass our passion and love for Pokémon generation to generation.

We understand the fact that there were difficulties in localizing the Pokémon video games into Chinese over the years. However, as time goes by, most obstacles melt away and it is the ideal opportunity for developing the full potential of the Greater China region.

Piracy Threats. Thanks to the rapid economic development at mainland China, most consumers now can afford the price of genuine copies of Pokémon games. Meanwhile, the consensus of selecting genuine copies is getting stronger among the people. Actually, just in the past July, the government agency reemphasized it would strength copyright protection for video games. It is obvious that the industry ecology has substantially improved at mainland China. On the other hand, due to Nintendo’s effective Anti-Piracy measures on its 3DS consoles, so far there is no widespread piracy threat. The genuine copies of Pokémon games have already become the dominant choice among the current fans. They will also be the top choice for the potential consumers who would be attracted to the Pokémon games with In-game Chinese support.

Policy Restrictions. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, the policies and sales channels have been well established for the video game sale. As you must have noticed, mainland China also loosens the restrictions on video games recently. Both Microsoft and Sony are entering the mainland China through partnerships with local vendors, and you can also consider a direct sales channel supported by the powerful e-commerce platforms in China. Even if the games won’t be officially released in mainland China shortly, the planned Chinese support can still enhance the franchise’s existence in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and draw potential consumers who root for the Chinese support into purchasing the games. This Move will boost the games’ gross sale and Nintendo’s financial performance. When the opportunity arises and the timing is right, the inroads in the Greater China region made by Nintendo earlier will lead to high market Return for the franchise; but as we all know, it’s important to firstly build and nurture its Friendship with fans in the Greater China region, and we believe adding in-game Chinese-support is the most effective measure.

Translation Costs. Since the anime and the manga have been introduced in the Greater China region for more than a decade, fans are already familiar with the official Chinese names of Pokémon, moves, locations and other in-game terminologies. It might be a technology difficulty to update the existing Pokémon games with in-game Chinese support, but we sincerely hope that in the future Pokémon games, Chinese could be the eighth in-game language option. As Chinese is the native language spoken by most people in the world, adding in-game Chinese support will take the franchise’s worldwide success to new heights.

This is a very brief overview of our thoughts on the major issues. We are still collecting information to support our petition, and will be continuously publishing all the campaign activities and industry analyses on a Chinese-language Pokémon fansite You can click the set-top box to visit our petition website and look through all the artworks and voices made by fans in the Greater China region for this petition. If you have any insights for the possibility of adding in-game Chinese support in the Pokémon video games, please feel free to contact us via,, and We will make our best effort to wholeheartedly assist in localizing the Pokémon video games.

Pokémon is a miracle in our lives. We Pokémon fans worldwide share our adventures, discoveries and dreams together. We catch, raise, battle and trade our Pokémon with love. I believe we would create an even better world together, when the language spoken by one fifth of this world’s population comes into the games. We dream one day, we can bring our children to a Pokémon World Championships hosted at our homeland. We are full of appreciation and anticipation.

With Regards,

Pokémon fans from the Greater China region

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-- 潘涛啊
7+1 中国语
-- 高嘉伟
-- 龚煊
-- 李辉
-- yym
While a native of an English speaking country myself, it would be totally cool to see the opportunity for Chinese players all around the world to get to experience the Pokemon franchise and introduce them to such a wonderful and cherished series that's renowned otherwise the world over!
-- Benjamin Barnett
-- @二宫旦那
Because it's only fair that Chinese people get to enjoy the beauty of the Pokémon world as I have.
-- Ashlii Prigmore
回忆这东西, 不知道你们懂不懂,反正这东西只属于我。
-- 还没通关的小智
-- AshTiger
-- 阿Q
-- 咲兔_Pattie
-- 馬拉糕大叔
尊敬的石原恒和先生,增田顺一先生,以及任天堂、Creatures Inc.、Game Freak、The Pokémon Company 的工作人员: 我是一个中国口袋玩家,在此诚心诚意地请愿!请务必推出正版口袋妖怪的中文游戏语言!在中国大陆,也有着无数的口袋妖怪玩家,但是有不少玩家因为看不懂日文和英文,只有无奈地去玩盗版游戏,我明白玩盗版是一件很可耻的事情,可是要知道正版游戏没有中文,这对中国玩家是多么残酷的现实!我们有不少玩家想玩口袋!爱着口袋!可是看不懂游戏语言的话,无论如何都玩不下去!严重影响正版游戏体验的情况下,才迫不得已去玩了盗版,而盗版又不能联机,只能玩单机的口袋的魅力被消去了70%,这是多么的痛苦而残酷!!!!所以,恳请你们,恳求你们!请推出中文的游戏语言吧! 就算不在大陆发售,但是也有及其多的大陆玩家为了能和全世界的朋友们一起分享口袋的乐趣,忍着必须一边查字典和资料才能一边游戏的痛苦购买了口袋妖怪的正版游戏(我也是其中之一),虽然玩的不是中文,但是我们任然快乐,看着自己培育出来的口袋妖怪们,我们知道这是正版的口袋,它们是真正的口袋精灵!正版游戏可以让它们永远的陪伴我们走下去。但是!没有中文的痛苦终究还是痛苦!我们堂堂正正地购买了正版游戏,我们堂堂正正地和全世界的口袋爱好者们一起游戏,但是在他们眼里,我们是日本人韩国人美国人等等其他国家的人物,我们苦于游戏语言而处处碰壁,技能的含义是最头痛的,看不懂什么技能是什么技能的话都不知道该如何让我的精灵学习成长,对于口袋训练师来说简直是噩梦,不过就算如此我们还是没有放弃!我们永远梦想着一天你们可以看见我这些身在中国们,爱着口袋妖怪的训练师们。 恳请推出口袋妖怪的中文游戏语言吧!我们永远支持正版!
-- 夏经纬
Having grown up in Hong Kong as a child being one of the only person in school able to read Japanese, I think that allowing more children easy access to this wonderful game franchise is an excellent way to spread the Pokemon love, as well as make more profits for Nintendo.
-- Millicent Mok
-- 管先威
-- 斯望余
-- @大乌鸦
-- 追憶音階·
-- zephew
Dear Nintendo,I've fallen in love with the Pokémon when I was a littele boy fifteen years ago.I swear to supprot your Pokémon which is gonna be Chinesized with my passion and pocket money.Anyway,I really appreciating for my indelible memories about the Pokémon that you brought to me.
-- Sonic
论出于何种原因,我都是很想玩到中文版的,所以来请愿。还有部分在家里就不放图了,相信我的心意能得到理解。不论请愿最后是否成功,我依然会爱着pokemon。PS:如果TV动画能达到BW2宣传动画那种水平就很满足了。 毕竟我是在宝石版开始正式入坑的,如果宝石版重制能内置中文我会很高兴~
-- wzc8130539
自从当年买了GBA后就力挺任天堂的游戏,尤其是口袋妖怪。现在又买3DS,最大的遗憾就是没有中文版! 口袋妖怪是我们梦想中的世界,不要因为语言问题让我们的旅程充满遗憾好吗?
-- 对着流星许愿
-- 希希宙
-- keeno
-- 邬皓
-- 徐雅萱
-- 湛蓝一瞬
Chinese script is some of the most commonly read on the planet. Releasing future Pokemon games with an option for Chinese characters would give a new demographic of customers to Game Freak and untold joy to millions more fans across the globe. As a learner of Chinese, it would also be a wonderful learning opportunity. Pokemon has quickly become a phenomenon that lets people on opposite sides of the planet play together, and it is my hope that Pokemon will further its ability to bring our world closer together in this way.
-- Jake COchrane-Brewer